Where is this farm and have the people been charged? Are the cattle safe now. Have they been adopted by humane farms?

How many animals were killed by these hideous sadists?
How can I avoid ever running across ANYTHING they put their hands to for the REST OF THEIR LIVES!!!
Thank you



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    One of the individuals caught on tape abusing the animals, Billy Joe Gregg Jr., was arrested and is now out on $100,000 bond. The farm itself, Conklin Dairy Farms is in Plain City, Ohio. The owner of the dairy farm claims he was unaware of the abuse.

    According to the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA), 100 percent of Conklin Dairy Farms’ milk is sold to Minerva Dairy in Minerva, Ohio. The ODA said Minerva does not sell the milk to stores, but uses it to make cheese. 

    But according to Minerva Farms, they have now discontinued all business with Conklin Dairy Farms.

    As for the animals, I’m not sure the answers to your other questions. I don’t know how many animals were killed on the Conklin farm, nor do I know the fate of the surviving abused animals.



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