Where else besides the west coast would be good places for a high speed rail system in the U.S.?



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    There has been a high speed rail proposed for the trip between New York City and Upstate New York.  There has also been a push for a high speed rail system in Florida.  It has been proposed to run along Interstate 4 in Florida.  

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    Amtrak currently operates the only high-speed train in the US called the Acela Express.  It runs between Washington, D.C., and Boston via Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York.  There has been research done all over the US that has looked into the possibility of high-speed trains.

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    The West Coast is an ideal location for a high speed rail system because the distance between the major cities is so great, and public transportation is currently somewhat limited to metropolitan areas. This is why residents in the Western states are so reliant on cars. Such a system would hugely benefit transportation between northern and southern California, as well as to and from cities like Portland, OR and Seattle, WA. Moreover, there is still plenty of room to build and accomodate a high speed rail system.

    Current plans for a high speed rail system would connect western and midwestern states to Chicago, where access to Eastern states will be much, much easier. I think that ultimately, a high speed rail system that can connect East Coast states in both the North and the South will be extremely beneficial, since people throughout the country rely on air travel between states. The best case for high speed rail between East Coast metropolitan areas is that it will serve as a major timesaver. Consider all the time we spend getting to airports, getting through security, waiting to board, and finally retreiving checked baggage. These high speed rail systems are also being designed to be much greener than air and car travel.

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