Where to drop off for used clothing and house hold articles



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    If the items are still useable, it might be a good idea to take them to your local Goodwill or other thrift store. They will sell your old items to be used again, and the money will go towards causes the store is involved in. Goodwill, for example, offers employment services for disadvataged people.

    If they are not useable, you can use the directory below (second link) to look up a specialized recycling company in your area. If that fails, you could do a search for “(name of your state/city) textile recycling” or “(name of your state/city) appliance recycling” or whatever else you are trying to recycle.

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    Also, the Salvation Army is a great place that does great things.  It is usually very easy to find the Salvation Army bins in any large parking lot.

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    Many schools will hold clothing drives for places like women’s shelters or homeless shelters.  If the clothes are not in good shape you can search earth911.com for a place that might recycle textiles in your are.

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