Where does Toyota fall on the list of the greenest automakers in the world?



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    Toyota has a great reputation when it comes to producing eco friendly cars. The Prius was the first real hybrid available to the masses and has remained one of the most popular alternative fuel vehicles since its release in 1997. It was named the number 3 best green car of 2011 by CNBN behind the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf. Toyota currently offers 5 alternative fuel vehicles, 4 of which get 35 mpg or more. While everyone is going to have a different opinion of the “best” green car company, I would say Toyota is definitely one of the better ones! Check out their “Green Initiative” for more information about what they are working on. 

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    As bmalc889 said, Toyota is known for producing some of the most eco-friendly cars. However, like many other auto manufactures, they have been dragging their feet on producing fully electric cars. The first few Priuses sold were not plug-in models, so many people converted them to run on electricity before Toyota released a plug-in version of their Prius. So, I would consider individual converters greener automakers than any of the large-scale auto manufacturers.

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