Where does the sand on our beaches come from?



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    The sand on our beaches doesn’t come from anywhere in particular.  The sand is already present beneath the water line.  It becomes apparent when the tide moves in and out or when the water line starts to decrease.  If you recall, when you go to the beach, you will notice that the same sand that you enjoy that is dry is the same sand that you enjoy when in the water.

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    Sand is the result of years of erosion and weathering.  Sand is simply rocks and organic material that has been broken down into very tiny pieces and then deposited on shore lines.  Depending on where you are sand could be made of very different things.  Black sand beaches in Hawai’i come from the volcanic rock of the surrounding islands.  White sand comes from granite, coral’s calcium carbonate shells, even bones.  There are many different colors, sizes, and shapes of sand.  It depends greatly on the region you are in as to where the sand came from.

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