Where does a red eye tree frog live?



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    The Red Eye Tree Frog is found in the neotropical rainforest of central America. The frogs are completely tree dwelling and they are excellent jumpers. They rarely descend to the ground.

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    Red-eyed tree frogs can be found in rainforests (usually in tropical lowlands, with plenty of ponds and other wet habitats) throughout Central America, from southern Mexico to northern Colombia. They hide in the forest canopy to catch bugs, which they eat.

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    Red-eyed treefrogs live near small ponds and seeps of water in the tropics, including in countries like Panama and Costa Rica. They lay their eggs on leaves overhanging the pond and when the eggs are ready, they hatch and the tadpoles drop into the water.

    Many red-eyed treefrogs are now available in the pet trade. It is hoped that these have been raised in captivity for sale and are not being taken from the wild to become pets.

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