Where does most of the US oil go?



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    In a recent report, about  252,000 b/d of gasoline gets exported to Mexico, and 389,000 b/d of distillate to Latin American countries along with the Netherlands. On another interesting note, the report also mentioned that if we stopped exporting our oil, we would be able to cut half of the dangerous off-shore drilling.

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    This is a blog that discussed where 20 million barrels of oil ends up.


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    In terms of US crude oil, only a tiny amount – 31,000 barrels per day – is exported, all of it to Canada. These are mostly exports of convenience from a US field closer to a Canadian refinery than a US one. Much of the gasoline exported to Mexico is effectively Mexican crude, since we import more than 1,000,000 barrels per day from Mexico. Mexico does not have enough refineries to make all the gasoline they require. So in a way, we are taking Mexican crude oil, processing it in the US (for a fee, and with US jobs), then selling the product back to Mexico.

    Stopping exports of products from US refineries will in no way affect the need for offshore drilling in a big way. The Gulf of Mexico is the only significant location for discovery of large volumes of oil in the US, and the deep water is the only place there that significant new fields will be found.

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