Where does the money from the Costa Rica zip line go?



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    There is not just one “zip line” in Costa Rica, but many, and the proceeds from those and similar attractions go to numerous causes. A zip line is a cable strung across a gorge or other feature, sometimes accessible by foot (think of the little suspension bridge in one of the Indiana Jones movies) and sometimes only by riding a pulley. There are numerous zip lines in Costa Rica, the best ones being in Monteverde and Arenal. They’re considered environmentally friendly because they offer tourists a chance to see dense rainforests from a safe distance without actually being on the ground and potentially damaging trees or ecosystems. Many zip lines are located in national parks in Costa Rica, whose fees often go to support local communities or conservation efforts, such as preserving endangered turtles. Costa Rica also has a robust reforestation program and many tourist-related fees, including those associated with zip lines, contribue to these programs as well.

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