Where does the largest oil company get its oil from?



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    The largest oil company in the world is US-based ExxonMobil – and, like most major oil companies, the oil that it sells from all over the world. Oil giants are typical transnational corporations in the sense that they tend to go wherever business is thriving. ExxonMobil has access to oil reserves all over the world, including major crude oil and oil sands producing regions like the Middle East and Canada. The company has also lobbied the US government to open up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling. Wherever there are major oil reserves to be found and no government regulation controling oil company access, most of the major companies like ExxonMobil are likely to be exploring for oil to sell.

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    ExxonMobil is only the largest of the non-national oil companies. Companies like Saudi Aramco, Petroleos de Venezuela, PEMEX, and about 14 others produce far more oil than ExxonMobil does.

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