Where does ground beef come from?



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    Ground beef is usually used to describe one of three cuts of meat; chuck, round, or sirloin. “Ground Chuck is from the shoulder of the carcass and ranges from 15-25% fat.” The round steak comes from the back hip area of the cow and ranges from 10-15% fat. The sirloin is located in front of the round and contains 5-10% fat.

    While the round and sirloin have lower fat content, they are less ideal for burgers as they are very dry unless cooked no more than medium rare. The higher fat content of ground chuck keeps the burgers moist.

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    If you must buy beef (which is very inefficient and bad for the environment), make sure the retailer can prove the beef you’re buying was produced locally. A lot of beef comes from illegal ranches in places like Brazil, where the animals are raised on land gained through illegal logging of the declining rainforest. 

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