Where does Caltrain operate services?



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    Caltrain is a commuter train service between the San Francisco Penninsula and Santa Clara valley. The norther end or terminus is in San Francisco CA at King and 4th streets and the Souther terminus is in Gilroy CA. There are 29 regular stops between the norther and southern terminus’.

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    Caltrain runs from San Francisco, South of Market Street, to Gilroy on weekdays for commuters.  On weekends the service runs from San Francisco to San Jose.   

    Caltrain services San Francisco, San Mateo, and Santa Clara counties.   If you’re not on the baby bullet express train there are a lot of stops including a station near Stanford University and Millbrae, where you can transfer to the BART to go to the San Francisco Airport.    The last time I rode Caltrain, it was a Sunday and it took almost an hour to go from San Jose Station to Milbrae.    Here’s a link to the Caltrain station site so you can check out the timetables and a map of stations.

    Caltrain Zone Map 

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    Caltrain also has a connection with Amtrak. I recently took Amtrak’s Coast Starlight route from Davis to Santa Barbara and saw some Caltrains on parallel tracks at San Jose Diridon. However, the Coast Starlight has a habit of running late. Amtrak’s Capitol Corridor is usually on-time, and it also connects with San Jose Diridon. I frequently take Capitol Corridor between Davis and Hayward. So, if you are traveling from the east bay, Capital Corridor would be a good way to connect 🙂

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