where does air pollution im perth wa exist



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    I’m note entirely sure due to your wording what you mean, but a Google search revealed a lot of results for an area in Australia named Perth, and so I’ll answer based on that assumption.


    Perth’s air pollution is apparently barely below “acceptable standards. Due to the nature of air pollution, it is somewhat impossible to narrow down exact regions for where it would exist. It exists over the entire region. However, a lot of results seem to be revealing that the majority of the problem is caused by vehicle emmissions.


    Given that children and those with asthma seem to be falling victim to the level of air pollution, if it is a concern for you it might be best to move if at all possible. I recognize that it may not be an option for you, so my advice would be to find the areas with the lowest levels of traffic congestion. Stay away from major city centers and get as far into the countryside as you feel comfortable doing.

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    probably from factories and stuff

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