Where do you think the desire for creative expression initiates?



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    Fairly difficult question, but I guess humans were born with this instinct. I find it pretty much in my nature to design and create better and better things let them be actual products or abstract art. Also having the creative freedom in my field as well as support from school makes it much more likely to come up with something truly creative. Even though back in high school I didn’t consider myself creative, now I feel like I learned how to be creative, I just wasn’t aware of it or needed it as much as I do now. 

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    Good question, Lunafish. I agree with Seppe. I think the desire for creative expression is innate in humans. Even before we had language or history (which is the transmission of data from one generation to another), we had artistic and creative expression, as evidenced by the primitive paintings found on the walls of caves in Spain and France, some dating back 32,000 years to the very dawn of the human species as we know it. Almost all of our beliefs, religious and cultural, are somehow linked to creative enterprises, attempts to explain our world and our existence. I also think creative expression is what sets the human species apart from any other animal species. Perhaps it’s a variation on the old slogan cognito ergo sum (“I think, therefore I am”), but maybe it should be, “I create, therefore I am.”

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    I think, as with many other pursuits, the desire to express oneself creatively stems from a fear of death.  Humans are aware of their deaths on a level much higher than the natural instincts of animals, and along with our instincts, our intelligence compels us to create, to strive for immortality.  We do things like make babies or poems and thus give our existence weight and endurance — assuming someone wants to read our poems, mate with our babies. 

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    i think it comes from within oneself. We are all born with unique talents and when we accept them, can tap into them and it’s a never ending source of replenishment.  Only you can bring your form of expression into the world in the ways that you do.

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    Everyone’s answers are very interesting and great. I think the desire to create something, to express ourselves makes us feel powerful because we have control over what we do, think, feel when we are expressing yourselves or creating something. Humans like to be in control of themselves. We also want to feel substantial, want to leave a mark in this world, as mentioned earlier. Humans know how small and insignificant we are in the grand scheme of things, but we don’t like that. We want to be accepted. 

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