where do you get red-eyed tree frogs?



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    Red-Eyed tree frogs are native to Central America, stretching from southern Mexico to Panama.  Their habitat is mostly on the Gulf of Mexico side.

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    Red-eyed treefrogs are native to Central America where they breed on leaves above ponds. They lay their eggs on leaves and the tadpoles will fall into the water when the eggs hatch.

    There are red-eyed treefrogs in the pet trade and nowadays many of these have been captive bred so individuals are not being removed from the wild to make pets. Wild animals should be left in the wild so they can live a natural life and contribute to the ecosystem as they were meant to. If you would like to acquire a red-eyed treefrog as a pet, make sure you do a lot of research on how to care for the frog, including what it eats and what conditions it needs to live. Before you purchase your frog, inquire as to whether it was captive bred or not. If you are told that it was taken from the wild, please do not buy the frog. Amphibians around the world are declining at alarming rates and they need all the help they can to survive in the wild.

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