Where do you find blue jays and steller jays?



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    The blue jay is native to the eastern coasts of North America while conversely, the steller’s jay inhabit the western coast. There is not very much overlap between the two birds, yet most of the United States is a natural habitat for one of the two birds. The blue jay ranges from central and eastern Canada in the north to southeast states in the U.S. The steller’s jay habitat ranges from western Canada all the way down through Central America. 

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    The Blue Jay lives all over the eastern half of the United States and southern Canada. They live in forests (near the edge) and prefer oak trees. Some migrate south during the winter. I say some because Blue Jays have unusual migratory patterns. Collectively, they migrate every year, but individually, they may stay put one year and migrate the next. It is still unclear why they behave this way.  

    In contrast, Steller’s Jays live on the western side of the United States, inhabiting as far east as parts of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico. They can also be found in southwest Canada, Mexico, and Central America. They make their homes in evergreen forests. 

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