Where do you find the Amur leopard?



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    The Amur Leopard in the wild can be found just north of North Korea along the coast in China. But they are not easy at all to find. They are a critically endangered species, and it is estimated that 45 or less of them still live in the wild.

    They can also be found in zoos around the world, with about 300 in captivity.

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    Amur Leopards, also known as the Far Eastern leopard, the Manchurian leopard, or the Korean leopard roam the mountainous taiga forest and grasslands on the southern tip of the Russian Far East, sharing a border with China and Korea.. They prey on sika deer, small wild boars, badgers, and hares, and they have been reported to leap more than 19 feet horizontally and over nine feet vertically. But due to loss of habitats and poaching, they are indeed critically endangered and on the verge of extinction. However, anti-poaching teams and developing environmental education programs that showcase the animal’s importance to the region are being established.

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