Where do wild sponges live?



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    In general, wild sponges live on the ocean floor, but there are many different types of wild sponge, and their habitat will vary by species.

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    Wild sponges have no nervous, digestive, or excretory systems. Wild sponges eat by filtering out the bacteria and detritus in the water so strong water movement is very important to sponges. They need the water movement so their food can be carried to them. A sponge the size of a baseball can filter fifty gallons of water an hour.

    Each sponge has the female and male reproduction capabilities. Sponges are interesting, if you cute a healthy tissue from the sponge and place it somewhere else that piece grows to be a new colony. Sponges are difficult to contain in confinement and should be left in the wild.

    Wild sponges live in marine waters and some can be found in fresh water. 99% of wild sponges live in marine waters. Sponges attach themselves to surfaces anywhere as deep as eight kilometers on the bottome of the ocean floor. The sponge population are high in the tropical waters because they prefer warmer waters. They also prefer clear water because murky waters can clog a sponge’s pore preventing it from recieving the nutrients and oxygen needed.

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