Where do we get gravel from?



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    There are two major ways to get gravel. One is through the natural erosion and weathering of rocks due to rivers and waves, or weather patters. However, natural gravel amounts are not nearly large enough to satisfy the consumer demand for gravel.

    The second way to get gravel is through human production. Rocks like sandstone, limestone, or basalt are quarried in gravel pits and crushed in order to create gravel.

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    And to be specific, in the US sand and gravel comes from more than 6400 facilities (gravel pits, mostly). Construction sand and gravel is the 5th most valuable mineral commodity produced in the US, worth $6.2 billion in 2009, more than the aluminum industry, more than iron ore, more than nickel, more than lead, and just about the same value as all the copper mined in the US in 2009.

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