Where do we get coal from?

I need information about where do we get coal from.



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    To put it simply, coal forms when plants die.  Although that is an extreme oversimplification, coal is formed when tons and tons of plants and trees that live in very dense and water laden swamps die.  After the trees and plants die, bacteria swarm the area and gorge themselves on everything they can get their grimy ‘hands’ on.  This bacterial feasting wipes out the oxygen in the area which essentially kills the very bacteria that started the process.  Without the bacteria, the trees and brush stop decaying.  Instead they form large piles of crud which we call peat.

    Although peat itself can also be used as a fuel source, in order to get coal, the peat has to get pushed REALLY far down into the earth’s surface.  For this to happen it must get covered by other sediment from the ground, compressed into as compact an area as possible and then essentially bake for thousands and millions of years.  The sediment covers the peat due to continent shifting and climate change and eventually creates what are known as coal beds which is what we tap into in order to access our supply of coal.   

    Mind you, this all happened millions of years ago when none us were even alive.  The problem of course is that coal is plentiful but has numerous negative side effects when burned for fuel.

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    As far as areas of the world where coal is most commonly harvested, China, the United States, Russia, and Australia all have large coal reserves.  China produces and burns the most coal of any country, but the United States has the largest recoverable reserves of coal of any country on earth.  The most coal rich areas of the United States are the Appalachian and Allegheny Mountain ranges.

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