Where do we find uranium?



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    Uranium, the heaviest metal on earth, is found through mining.  More than 25 countries mine uranium, currently.  Canada, Kazahkstan, and Australia are the countries that mine most of the world’s uranium. 

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    Uranium, because it is an element, is a naturally occurring material on earth.

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    Uranium is found all around us in small quantities, but the largest and most minable deposits are found in certain ores that exist in variable grades around the Earth’s surface that are considered commercially minable. The largest sources of uranium today are Australia, Kazakhstan, and Canada (see cite #1).

    The most common ores coming into commercial production of uranium today are of grade no greater than 1% U on average, requiring a method of uranium extraction known as in situ leaching from solution (see cite #2). Uranium is a valuable and finite resource and it must be conserved like any other.

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