Where do VOC’s come from?



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    Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs, come from a number of sources. It seems they can be most frequently found in well known “caustic” products such as household cleaners and paints to less known products like permanent markers and printer ink. Due to their usual sources, they are found in greater concentrations indoors. A good way to combat the risks of them is to invest in better ventilation for the home.

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    Volatile Organic Compounds are also known as Non-Methane Hydrocarbons (NMHC). As pierettewinter pointed out, they often come from household products. This includes scented and unscented beauty products. “Unscented” products are different from “fragrance free” products in that “unscented” products have additional chemicals that eliminate the natural scents of their active ingredients.

    If you are curious about air quality in general, my favorite textbook on it is Air Quality by Thad Godish.

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    Gasoline runoff is the largest source of VOCs in groundwater. The USGS has found unacceptably high levels of VOCs in many urban areas nationwide, such as Denver Colorado. Bioswales are one soultion that would help mediate this gasoline runoff. 

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