Where do turtles go to hibernate?



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    Different turtle species vary on whether they hibernate at all, and how deep a torpor they go in to; it mostly depends on how cold it gets where they live. Aquatic turtles in ponds that partially freeze will stay beneath the ice, in the pocket of slightly warmer water and often under the mud, and may hibernate. In this condition, they are able to get the little oxygen they need from the water around them. On land, a turtle will dig under the leaf litter and top layer of soil in a forest, so that the frost won’t hit them, and go into a deep sleep.They may also hide in the mud of stream beds, under logs, or in the burrowing holes of mammals like muskrats.

    Reptiles and amphibians may also get under the soil or inside a log to escape from extreme heat, and sometimes while doing this they will enter a torporous sleep similar to hibernation: it’s called estivation.

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