Where do the tectonic plates meet?



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    Please click on the following link to see all of the boundaries of tectonic plates.

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    Tectonic plates meet along special fault lines known as transform faults or transform boundaries. At these special faults, plates can either move into one another, known as convergent faults, jutting up mountains. If they move away, they are known as divergent faults and magma leeks up through the cracks to form new rock. Lastly, if the two plates run along side one another. These faults are often very unstable due to the energy created and stored by the friction of the two plates rubbing against one another and is often released in the form of earthquakes. One example of such a fault is the San Andreas Fault in California.

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    Tectonic plates meet in many more kinds of places than transform faults. In fact most plates meet at either divergent (rift) zones where the plates pull apart, or in subduction zones, where they converge. Neither of those locations, except locally, are transform faults, nor are they transform boundaries. The latter, such as the San Andreas Fault, are relatively rarer plate boundaries.

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