Where do swans live?



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    Swans are found mainly in temperate environments. Some species live in the Northern Hemisphere, one species is found in Australia and New Zealand, and one species in southern South America. They are not found in tropical Asia, Central America, northern South America or Africa. One species, the Mute Swan has been introduced in North America, Australia and New Zealand. 

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    Swans are preferential to cooler wetland environments such as swamps and marshes, as well as ponds and lakes.  2,500 Trumpeter Swans reside in the Rocky Mountain region.  15,000 populate the Pacific Coast.  The Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge in Montana is also home to a flock.  Some common swans in North America are the Tundra and Whooper swan.

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    Good question, dakotacurry.  Swans live in temperate regions all over the northern hemisphere and one species lives in the southern hemisphere in Australia and New Zealand.

    Hope this helps!

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    Like other answers show, this depends on the species. Here’s a quick run-through.

    Mute Swan is native across Europe and Asia (including China), sometimes visiting northern Africa. As an introduced species, it is also found in North America, southern Africa, and Australasia.


    Black Swan is found only southeast and southwest of Australia. It used to have a (now extinct) subspecies in New Zealand.


    Black-necked Swan is native to South America from southern Brazil and Paraguay to Tierra del Fuego and as Falkland Islands.


    Whooper Swan is found in from Iceland and northern reaches of Europe to temperate areas in Europe and Asia. They occasionally visit North America.


    Trumpeter Swan is found in North America from Alaska to as far south as Colorado.


    Tundra Swan, considered by some to consist of separate western (Whistling Swan) and eastern (Bewick’s Swan) hemisphere species, is found all throughout the northern hemisphere. It breeds in arctic and subarctic tundra, and migrates south throughout Europe, Asia, and North America. They occasionally visit as far as northern Africa, southern Asia, Pacific islands (including Hawaii), and Caribbean islands.


    So it looks like we can find swans in most of the world except equatorial zones (Central America and northern part of South America, central Africa, parts of southeast Asia) and the Antarctic continent.

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    Tundra Swans, which are a particular type of swan can be found on both the Atlantic and Pacific Coastlines of North America.  They are known to breed in the Arctic.  The eastern population is known to be found in the Chesapeake Bay as well as North Carolina.  The western population is usually found in California during the winter season.  They can also spend their winter in Europe and Asia.

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