Where do storks live?



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    This is a picture of the European White Stork.

    White Stork

    This stork lives all over Europe, and a little bit into Asia, but not quite all the way to Russia. They used to be seen quite often in Russia before the Nuclear disaster at Chernobyl, but since 1966, they’re not as common there. Storks migrate south during the winter to Africa, even as far south as South Africa.

    The stork prefers a wetland type enviornment for feeding, and often feeds in areas with short grasses, like meadows. However, for breeding, storks prefer the privacy of tall grass. Just like humans, they like to be alone! Animals aren’t so different after all.

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    Storks could be found around small bodies of water like ponds, lakes, estruary, or swamps.

    Bird Cages

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    Storks are carnivores who have a lifespan of 11 to 18 years. They inhabit freshwater areas, wetlands, and swamps. These birds prefer the water because that is where they get their food. They eat fishes. Storkes catch their fishes by opening its bill and sticking it in the water. It has its bill in the water until it feels the touch of a fish then it quickly snap shuts its bill.

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