Where do rhinos live besides Africa?



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    The majority of rhinoceros live in Africa, but some species are found elsewhere. For example, the Indian rhinoceros lives in Nepal, Pakistan, and North-Eastern India. The Javan rhino are natives of Java, Indonesia as well as Vietnam. Mostly due to poaching and habitat decline the Sumantran rhino is nearing extinction. The small population of this species dwell in Borneo and Sumantra. Hopefully someday the populations of these majestic creatures will grow, but all five species are on the decline and three of them are critically endangered.

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    Rhinoceros also live in captivity. Seven Northern White Rhinoceros remain in the wild at most, although there have been no reports of seeing any in recent years. There are three left in captivity in the U.S. and the Czech Republic. There are about 3,610 Black Rhino left in the wild and about 277 in captivity. There are no Javan rhinoceros left in captivity, they never faired well there. There are three Sumatran rhinoceros in captivity and breeding attempts have been marginally successful in their case. 

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