Where do pygmy people live?



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    Pygmy people average about 59 inches in height and live in equatorial rain forest regions.  They are scattered over a large area of Africa — Pygmy people are found in Uganda, Congo, Rwanda, Central African Republic, Burundhi, Cameroon, Gabon, and the Republic of Congo. 

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    Most pygmy groups can be found in tropical Africa. There are also groups known as Negritos found in Asia.

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    All the above answers are correct, with a majority of the traditional pygmy people living in the tropical rain forest areas of Africa. They are different from the other tribes of Africa in that their population sits well below the average size of a human, bordering on dwarfism. Their populace usually live in beehive-shaped huts and employ hunter-gatherer methods of survival, though their areas are being encroached on by the taller regular Africans. Some clan names include: Baka, Bakola-Bagyeli, Bedzan, Bakoya, and Aka; the syllable “Ba” means “people.”

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