Where do pet allergies come from?



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    Pet allergies derive from a person’s immune system reacting to certain animal proteins, which causes the lining of nasal passages to become inflamed, with the familiar symptoms of runny noses, itchy eyes, sneezing, etc. Dogs, cats, rodents, and horses are the primary culprits. During the reaction the body is actually mistaking the animal protein, which can come from the pet’s dander (shed skin cells), hair, or saliva, as an “invader”. The inflammatory response in nasal passages or the lungs is the body’s way of fighting off the perceived “danger.”

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    A number of studies have shown that children that are raised on traditional farms are less likely than other children to develop asthma and allergies.  It is believed that the exposure which allows them to build immunity is what makes the difference and also helps explain why there has been such an increase in asthma and allergy rates over the past 30 years as more and more children move off of farms.  Farm children whose houshold dust have the greatest variety of bacteria and fungi – are much less likely to develop asthma and allergies than children raised in homes that have fewer bacteria and fungi inhabitants.  

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