Where do most Volcanos and Earthquakes occur?



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    Iceland was recently declared one of the most volcanically active areas of the world. The island, which is about the size of Kentucky, is home to 35 active volcanoes. Two factors contribute to its large amount of volcanic activity: the proximity of molten magma to the surface of the Earth, and the island’s position on the mid-Atlantic rift zone, which creates a weak crust and therefore facilitates the eruption of undersea volcanoes.

    Around 81 percent of the world’s largest earthquakes occur in the circum-Pacific seismic belt, more commonly known as the “Ring of Fire.” In this area of the Pacfic region, which is extremely large and far-reaching, many tectonic plates come together. The constant shifting of these plates invariably lead to the occurrence of near-constant earthquakes throughout the region. The Ring of Fire is also a hotspot for volcanic activity.

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