Where do most of the seeds come from that we use for American agriculture?



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    The unfortunate answer to this question is: Monsanto.

    Monsanto supplies the majority of seeds for large scale agriculture in America, and they have tactifully created a way to continue seed use through seed technology. Monsanto’s seeds are especially designed to be unable to re-seed, meaning that you must buy from them every year instead of saving seed, as farmers have done for centuries. Monsanto is allowed to do all this because they have registered patents on their seeds that enable them to be the full owner of every plant they sell, as well as any other seed that is cross-contaminated with it.
    Monsanto has also developed certain strains that contain their own herbicide, as in the potato they created that was recognized as an herbicide AND a food, and sold in McDonald’s all over the North West for a few years. (See Michael Pollen’s Botany of Desire for more fun information on the potato).

    There are a lot of documentaries about the subject, including The World According to Monsanto and The Future of Food, although all the information I know of sides with the farmers, not the GMO technology that Monsanto is harboring.


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