Where do the largest dust storms happen?



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    The largest recorded dust storms on Earth have occurred in China. These dust storms were the result of extreme over plowing and overgrazing of land in addition to a lack of water due to over pumping.

    Severe dust storms have also occurred in the United States and Canada as well. One of the most famous dust storms is the Great North American Dust Bowl, which happened in the 1930’s. In 1999, sand and dust storms occurred in western Texas and southeastern New Mexico.

    Another place where dust storms tend to occur is Australia. They have happened frequently in central eastern Australia since the 1950’s.

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    The largest dust storms ever recorded have occurred in northern China. That area is undergoing large-scale desertification as its natural water supply is depleted.

    As a fun fact, the largest dust storms in our solar system occur on Mars.

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    That would be Mars, where a dust storm the size of the entire planet rages on. The only visible portion is Olympus Mons, the enormous mountain, which juts above the clouds of dust.

    On Earth, China is in danger of losing its battle against catastrophic dust storms. The intense winds of winter and spring are literally creating deserts where there was life before. Top soil is swarmed so dangerously by these winds that they’ve become a danger to Korea and Japan as well.

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