where do kangaroos live and what do they eat and how are they instinct and what is there favorite thing to do



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    Kangaroos are found in Australia.  All 4 species variations eat a different diet, though all 4 are primarily grazers, feeding on grass.  Some species include shrubs in their diets, while others include hypogeal fungi.  As there are few predators for the kangaroo, they are not instinctively defensive, but are naturally shy and reserved.  Amongst themselves, they are playful and competitive in turn.  As far as their favorite thing to do…hop, of course!  Actually, I don’t know.  You’ll have to ask a kangaroo.

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    The diet of the four different kangaroo species vary but overall they are all strict herbivores. For example, the Eastern Grey Kangaroo predominantly grazes on a wide variety of grasses while the Red Kangaroo eats a significant amount of shrubs. The smaller species of kangaroo have known to also consume hypogeal fungi. Kangaroos like to live in family units called an aggregation and their behavior in those family groups can be harmonious or aggressive. They can be affectionate through nose touching and grooming or aggressive with fights breaking out between individual kangaroos. 

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