Where do jack rabbits live?



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    Jackrabbits, named for their large, donkey like ears, aren’t actually rabbits at all, but hares. There are five different species of jack rabbits, scattered across North America (see image below, their range shown in the lighter colour). 

    The different species live in different habitats – the white-tailed jack rabbits live in the grasslands and forests, while the black-tailed jack rabbits live in deserts. Unlike rabbits, jackrabbits don’t build nests – the mother jackrabbit instead picks a spot she likes, and has her babies there.


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    Jack Rabbits live in a small area in Oregon and all throughout California. They are mostly a dessert animal, but can be confused with the Snow Rabbit during the winter.

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    Jackrabbits live in the western and southwestern US. They are surprisingly large, with much longer backlegs and ears than other rabbits. They like to cross the roadway when you’re driving through the desert at night and scare the be-jeezus out of you.

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