Where do I recycle ink cartridges?



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    There are many ways to recycle ink cartridges. Many companies will actually pick them up for you, many will buy them from you with no charge to you, and you can also drop them off and have them re-filled at your nearest OfficeMax, etc. If you do want to get rid of them, look at the back of your laser or ink cartridge box to find out how to recycle those exact ones.

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    One of the easiest ways to find a place near you to recycle ink cartridges (and many other products!) is http://www.earth911.com. Just enter “inkjet cartrdiges into the box on the upper left-hand corner of the home page. Then enter your zip code, city, and state in the box to the right. The site should come up with a list of places near you where you can take ink cartridges to be recycled.

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