where do I get recycled paper rolls for garden



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    You can purchase some paper rolls made from recycled paper at http://www.pospaper.com/greenproductsrolls.html. If you want just the middle cardboard part from paper rolls, I’d suggest just saving your own. I have never heard of people saving just the cardboard part, but I always give the ones I find to my friend’s gerbil.

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    Because recycled paper rolls are pretty expensive, I would suggest you just use your own and instead of wasting them, use the extra ones lying around your house! Other ideas for using household waste in your garden are to use “small yogurt containers and egg cartons” to plant seeds in. Hope this helped!


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    Do you mean toilet paper and paper towel rolls?  If you are looking for these items I would say you should ask your friends and neighbors to collect a few for you.  In general there are no collection centers specifically for these objects, so you could use your network to help you collect them.  I am sure they would be willing to help you reduce their waste and make your garden grow.

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