Where do I get American grown tilapia?



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    The American Tilapia Association’s website maintains a list of tilapia farms and hatcheries in the United States and abroad. The website also offers information about aquaculture, current market prices, the nutritional value of tilapia among other related topics. Here is the link: http://ag.arizona.edu/azaqua/ata.html, hosted by the Univeristy of Arizona.

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    Tilapia are increasingly being produced with aquaponic processes.  There are a number of these aquaponics projects around the country.  First, there is Mountain Sky Group llc.  that raises Tilapia and shrimp for sale to local markets and restaurants in Loveland Colorado.  Secondly, there is Will Allen’s, “Growing Power” based in Milwaukie Wisconsin.  Finally, there is a small non-profit called, “The Massachusetts Avenue Project” in Buffalo New York.  All of these places sell tilapia as a food source.  They may also be good contacts to ask about where to find live fish.  

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