Where do I find information about the website GreenAnswers.com? For example, who manages it, who are the board of directors, is it run by a privately held company or individual, how is the website funded? Thank you.



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    GreenAnswers is a user-generated site, which means anyone can create the content. Regarding who owns the website itself, I suggest you contact them directly. Hope this helps.

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    You can find more information about GreenAnswers in the “About” section under the “Explore” tab at the top. Content on the website is generated by the community, so it is the users who keep the site going. The following is a list of writers and editors that contribute to GreenAnswers’ news and blog features:

    Serenity Madrone
    Christopher Brock
    Jessica Markham
    Julie Rodriguez
    Kenrick Vezina
    Lauren Godinez
    Adam Same
    Ariel Rivers
    Stefan Malizia
    Sacha Idell
    Edward Buono
    Camille Gomez
    Cara Angeline
    Steve Pearson
    Martin O’Hare
    Roberto Cancel
    Patrick Brodie
    Leslie Weinberg
    Karen Olson
    Cara Angeline
    Nick Engelfried
    Crystal Gouldey
    Julie Ray
    James Walter 
    GreenAnswers also has “a small group of writers and interns who work in an official capacity.” As mentioned above, you can try contacting an administrator here.
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