where do I dispose of my old laptop computer



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    I found a website for a company that takes unwanted or non-working laptops and recycles them. Their website is: http://www.recyclealaptop.com/

    I also found an article that helps you figure out if there are local places that you can recycle your laptop. Here is their website: http://www.pcworld.com/article/120490/tips_and_tweaks_recycle_pcs_notebooks_and_components.html

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    newtechrecycling.com is also another great way to recycle your laptop. They are an eco-friendly company, that doesn’t place laptop in landfills where they can cause damage. It is a great “green” way to recycle an old laptop.

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    You can also use earth911.com – simply type in “computer recycling” along with your zip code and you will be given a list of nearby recycling centers that will accept your old laptop.

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