Where do corroboree frogs live?



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    These striking yellow-and-black frogs live only in one region of Australia, in high altitudes of the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales. In fact, the name comes from an aboriginal word for a meeting of tribes to discuss ideas; participants would paint themselves with yellow stripes so that they resembled the species of frog. Their habitat is encompassed by the Mount Kosciusko National Park. They prefer areas of dense ground color, especially under logs in woodlands, and they return to more damp areas to breed. Today there is a modern “meeting of tribes” online, called Project Corroboree, that is seeking an effective way to save the threatened species.

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    how long do a corroboree frog live

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    The Corroboree Frog is only found in a small area in south-eastern New South Wales. They are Australia’s most iconic frogs but unfortunately are critically endangered. Their diet consists of small ants and invertebrates. These bright-colored frogs breed during mid January to the end of February. After the females lay their eggs, they leave the eggs for the males to look after. Each female lays about ten to fourty eggs per clutch.

    These frogs are bright yellow with black stripes. They are at risk of extinction due to Chytridiomycosis, which is a disease caused by infection caused by a fungus. Alarmingly, there are less than one hundred individual frogs left in the wild.

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