Where do chinchillas live in the wild?



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    Chinchillas are native to the Andes mountains in South America where they live in burrows or rock crevices. They were named after the people of the region, who used to wear their fur regularly. Due to overhunting, the chinchilla population declined greatly in the last century.

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    I own a Chinchilla. As far as I know, I’ve heard they live in South America.  THe Chinchhilla popultion went down A LOT due to the love of Chinchilla fur.

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    chinchillas live in the andes montainsof southern peru and bolivia,and north western argintina and northern chile.chinchillas are found in mountains, shrubs, and grassland areas at elevations between 10,000-16,500ft.there is only 2 types of chinchillas that are endangered which is the chinchilla brevicudata(shot-tailed chinchilla) and the chinchilla lanigera(long-tailed chinchilla).you can find chinchillas in burrows or crevices in rocks.there is only 10000 chinchillas left in the world.

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