Where do cells get their energy from?



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    mitochondria. these little organelles inside cells use sugar energy to maintain a slow burn and process food into usable energy for the cell. 

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    Glucose is converted to ATP in the mitochondria and then used or transported as fuel for cell processes. See, krebs cycle: “Within the Krebs cycle, energy in the form of ATP is usually derived from the breakdown of glucose, although fats and proteins can also be utilized as energy sources. Since glucose can pass through cell membranes, it transports energy from one part of the body to another. The Krebs cycle affects all types of life and is, as such, the metabolic pathway within the cells. This pathway chemically converts carbohydrates, fats, and proteins into carbon dioxide, and converts water into serviceable energy” That’s pretty good. I like this too: “Most cells get their energy from cellular respiration, a process that breaks down glucose molecules and harvests the chemical energy they contain.”

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