where do brown recluse spiders live? should I be careful of them in Tennessee?



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    The brown recluse spider can be found in Tennessee. However, I wouldn’t worry too much. They’re actually very shy animals who tend to hide from disturbance instead of biting -hence the name  “recluse.”  Most people are bitten when they step into a shoe or piece of clothing that a recluse was hiding in. So, check your clothes before you put them on and you should be fine!

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    Brown recluse spiders do live in the Southern United States, so it’s possible you could come across one in Tennessee. They avoid humans by living in areas where humans rarely visit, but it’s possible to be bitten by handling an object, like an article of clothing, that the spider crawled into.

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    Brown Recluse spiders typically are found in the central midwestern US, including much of Tenessee, and hold up in “dark, undisturbed areas” both indoors and outdoors, such as attics, basements, behind and under furniture, and under rocks and porches. The Brown Recluse is typically non-aggressive and will bite when provoked. Their bites can heal without incident, though some might have a severe reacton to the venom. Children and the Elderly are the most suceptible to the venom.

    First Aid Tips as well as Pest Control information can be found in the cited link

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