Where do bobcats live?



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    Bobcats are very versatile creatures who can live in a variety of habitats: desert, mountains, suburbia.  They are spread through almost all of the U.S., save parts of the East Coast around New York City and Jersey.  They are also generally not found in a thin strip of the Midwest that extends from Eastern Nebraska to Ohio.  Nevertheless there are the most common and numerous wild cat in the U.S. with an estimated population of 1,000,000.  

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    Bobcats used to a have wide ranging habitat from North Mexico all the way to Southern Canada. They inhabited the entire Western United States and the Southern region of the United States. Once there fur became a popular commodity their numbers began to dwindle severely. They are now a protected species that reside mostly in the Northern states. Here is a map of the bobcats original habitat range:


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