Where do bandicoots come from?



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    They come from Australia.  They are small marsupial mammals.  They are also multi-oestrus, meaning that they breed at several times during the year, not just in one season.  They have very tiny babies bron after only 12 1/2 days gestation.  The babies climb into the mother’s pouch the same way that baby kanagaroos do.  They drink milk and grow until they are big enough to come out of the pouch.  When they are about 3 months old, they begin to live by themselves. 

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    There are several species of bandicoot, located in different areas of Australia. The Northen-brown bandicoot is common north of the Hawkesbury River, while the long-nosed Bandicoot lives in the Blue Mountains. The Southern-brown bandicoot, as it’s name implies covers the southern range of Australia. Habitat is shrinking for several species though, as human territories expand. Because of their helpful insect-eating ways, there are useful in gardens, and some bandicoot make a living in suburban areas.

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