Where do Anacondas live?



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    Anacondas are native to the jungles, swamps, marshes and rivers and savannahs of tropical South America. They aren’t native to North America, and are not YET among the species of giant invasive snakes such as the Burmese python that are becoming a problem in some parts of the southern United States.

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    There are three species of anaconda, all in the genus Eunectes: the dark-spotted anaconda, yellow anaconda, and the very famous green anaconda. All anacondas are native to South America, and tend to favor wet areas like swamps, marshes, and rivers. The genus name is from the Greek for “good swimmer”.

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    Anacondas are most often found in the tropical rain forests of the Amazon and Orinoco Basins. They can survive on land but prefer the water, living in swamps, marsh lands, and streams. Their aquatic habitat allows them to use the water for cover when hunting; they can wait while almost completely submerged because their eyes and nasal passages are on the top of their heads.

    Green Anaconda

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