Where did we test our nuclear bombs?



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    Nuclear bombs were tested in Nevada and in the Pacific Ocean. In the Pacific, islands and atolls such as Enewetak Atoll, Christmas Island, Johnston Island and Bikini Atoll were used various times.

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    The U.S. conducted 1,054 official tests with at least 1,151 devices. Most were done at a Nevada test site and the Pacific Proving Grounds in the Marshall Islands. There were also ten other various testing sites within the U.S. such as Alaska, Colorado, Mississippi and New Mexico. 

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    Don’t forget to add space to the list.  High-altitude Nuclear Explosions were used to test the explosivity and radiation of bombs outside the atmosphere.  They was also used to test the strength of the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) of such detonations.  The US and Soviet Union each administered several of these tests during the Cold War.

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