Where did Tesla originate?



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    If you’re talking about the automotive company, it originated in Silicon Valley and has it’s headquarters in Palo Alto, CA.

    If you mean Nikola Tesla, he was Serbian, born in Croatia, in the Austrian Empire.

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    Nikola Tesla, the famous inventor, was born in the Serbian village of Smiljan. He invented the tesla coil, and the unit of magnetic flux (as in one micro-Tesla) is named after him. Tesla Motors, the famous electric car manufacturers, also named their company after the inventor as a homage and a way to give credit, since the AC motor they use was inspired by one of Tesla’s designs.

    The company was incorporated in Delaware in 2003, and rented their first office in Menlo Park, California that same year.

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    Nikola Tesla born in serbia, invented the bladeless turbine which can be used to produce massive amounts of energy through a fluid, compressed air, gas or steam making it very useful.
    He also discovered alternating current and was so close to sending free electricity through the air with a tower he made untill the people funding his project pulled out as they saw there would no longer be a profit for them and the people of America would no longer need to pay for electricity.
    Another great discovery he made was the radiant oscillator which was another form of energy in the atmosphere that he managed to collect and use it to power electrical equipment with no danger of electrical shocks.
    Almost all modern electrical devices use Tesla’s inventions and discoveries he made.

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