Where did the Structural Concrete Insulated Panel (SCIP) first be used?

I have seen references dating to the 40s and 50s with little information. I am trying to piece together its timeline.
Maybe a MR. Artszer or Mr. Archer was one of the first to build homes with the system?



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    hope this helps!

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    They were first used in the 1930’s. Forest Products Laboratory (FPL) in Madison, Wisconsin decided to start using this building to make these small stressed-skin house that was constructed and garnered to bring the attention to the United States; mainly for the first lady Eleanor Roosevelt. In 1947, structural insulated panels developed with various tests materials of plywood hardboard and paperboard. Until the 70’s they strted to use foam-core panels. 

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      Thank you jchang14

      The missing link I am looking for is Concrete as FPL was using wood product skins.
      SIP is what you are referring to.
      SCIP came out in the 40s about five years later than SIPs.
      A number of SCIP manufactures all claim to be the inventor in the 70s and 80s but to much and to little makes me believe it was used before the 70s oil crises.
      I thought I had read about Eleanor Roosevelts homes but I will research it again.
      The big step I think for SCIP was after the war in rebuilding Europe when shot crete became widely used.

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      Eleanor Roosevelt used early SIPs

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      I keep finding more but still looking for 50s thru 80s

      Space frame panel construction has been in existence for over 30 years, with applications throughout the world.
      United States
      Residential Housing Developments – California
      264-Fontana 126-San Bernardino
      124-Sunnymead 138-Palm Desert
      112-Lancaster 112-Santa Maria
      107-Ontario 75-Rialto
      40-Perris 35-Chino
      21-Coachella 18-Victorville
      18-Bakersfield 13-Sacramento
      75-Chino Hills
      74-Bungalow Units Warner Springs Ranch

      Single-Family Homes: Industrial & Commercial Buildings: Prisons:
      Sierra Madre, CA Atwater, CA Montgomery Co., MD
      Santa Barbara, CA Apple Valley, CA Greenville, VA
      Anza Borrego, CA Ramona, CA
      Malibu, CA Palm Springs, CA
      Palm Dessert, CA Orange, CA
      Houston, TX Anaheim, CA
      Key Largo, Fl Durango, CO
      Palm Beach, FL West Haven, CT
      Winterpark, FL Houston, TX
      Hopedale, FL Rochester, NY
      Homestead, FL
      25 Homes Arizona Casa Grande, AZ
      Palm Desert, CA
      Castorville, CA
      **Residential projects totaling approximately 100 units have been constructed by other builders in the states of Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii, Texas, Nebraska, Alaska & California
      H U D approvals have been issued for panel construction in various areas
      HABITAT FOR HUMANITY approvals have been issued for panel construction in various areas

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