Where did dengue fever originate from?



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    Not sure if you’re inquiring about the history of the disease, or how one contracts it… so I’ll answer both!

    The earliest confirmed case of dengue fever is from 1789, documented by physician and signer of the Declaration of Independence Benjamin Rush. He called it “breakbone fever”, but similar cases have existed as far back as the Jin Dynasty in China. It wasn’t until 1916 that it was discovered that is was contracted by mosquitos, and World War II is when the disease first became widespread due to the massive population movement of the time.

    Dengue fever is generally contracted through mosquitos (specifically the Yellow Fever and Asian Tiger mosquitos) and though there is no known vaccine, exposure to the disease generally renders one immune.

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    Dengue fever appears to have originated in monkeys in either Africa or Southeast Asia. This disease made the transition to humans between 100 to  800 years ago.

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