Where is carbon sequestration technology at currently?



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    Carbon Sequestration, according to wikipedia.com, is a term for long range storage of carbon dioxide, a green house which accumulates in the Earth’s atmosphere and cannot escape. The term itself is more of an umbrella encompassing the entire process from carbon capture to carbon storage. The long-term storage of carbon is important because it slows down the process of global warming by capturing the gas through various processes, biologically, physically, or chemically. The most notable means of carbon sequestration are through bioliogical processes such as reforestation, agriculture, and of course reducing emissions due to the burning of fossil-fuels. Other processes of carbon capture center upon the vast resources of the ocean.

    Currently, the United States Department of Energy is still in a research and development phase of the carbon collection and storage, but they seem to center upon a “geologic storage” idea. In Spain however, a power plant taking carbon dioxide out of fossil-fuels before use opened in early 2009; this plant is the first of its kind to use what is known as “pre-combustion technology.”

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